Practice Areas

Information Technology Law

We accompany you with the digital transformation of your enterprise and with change management.

Cyber Crime

With our multi-fold competencies in criminal Law and Information technology and our technical knowledge, we are able to assist you immediately, provide your technical teams and CIO advice to handle the situation, and be the privileged interlocutors of the specialized investigating officers (public or private) or the appointed experts. We also facilitate the comprehension of technical information by the investigating magistrates and manage the entire case before, during and after trial.

Dispute resolution and mediation

We accompany, represent and assist you in all forms of dispute before all jurisdictions (including specialised authorities such as Data Protection Authority, Invention of Employees Authority etc.) in all the fields of competence of our office.

Internets and social networks law

We accompany you with the implementation of internet communication tools and online services.


Media and leisure law

We accompany you in the drafting, negotiating and defense of your interest relating namely to live entertainment, audiovisual production and communication, advertisement.


With our technical knowledge and expertise, we provide you with strategic training and advice adapted to your IT & telecom system and environment.

Intellectual Property Law

We accompany you in all aspects of valorization, management and protection of your intangible assets (trademark, patents, design, copyright, database, trade secret and know-how) and of your informational assets.

White-collar crime

We accompany and advise you in all situations presenting criminal risks and we will assist you in all criminal proceedings.

Data Protection & Privacy

We audit and perform all work to assure and anticipate compliance with in force and future legislation.